What it Accomplishes

The SMB Essentials solution maximizes your marketing budget to build a strong marketing foundation. This enables your company to grow and scale effectively.

Clear Brand Identity

We define your brand’s values and personality to stand out, ensuring consistency across all marketing channels.

Understanding Your Target Audience

We conduct market research to determine your ideal customers and how to reach them effectively.

Effective Online Presence

We work with your team to establish a strong digital presence, build a user-friendly website, and engage in social media and email campaigns.

Content Strategy

We develop a content strategy that strengthens your sales outreach, builds credibility and trust, and drives engagement and loyalty among your audience.

Measurable Goals and Analytics

We set SMART marketing goals aligned with your business objectives and use analytics to track performance, optimizing strategies for continuous improvement.

What It Includes

Tailored to your business’s unique needs, the SMB Essentials solution encompasses a range of projects and tasks, which can include:

  • Marketing audit
  • Marketing strategy & plan
  • Digital transformation
  • Content strategy & plan
  • Social media strategy & plan
  • Design
  • Website refresh

How It’s Worked for Our Clients

The SMB Essentials solution has empowered companies to revive their brand and overcome growth plateaus, driving renewed momentum and market success.

Case 1: Strategize & Align

With a lack of in-house marketing expertise, talent and resources, Yeti Snow was entirely dependent on a number of different freelancers and agencies for marketing strategy and execution. By combining fractional marketing leadership with fractional marketing execution, Yeti was able to implement a proactive marketing strategy and plan that aligned all marketing efforts with the business objectives.

Case 2: Rebrand & Revive

By combining Fractional MDS services with their talented in-house team and trusted industry partners, A&H kicked off a series of projects to establish solid marketing foundations for Skillsetter. From rebranding and website design to analytics optimization, video marketing and content creation, A&H provided essential marketing leadership and execution services to this leading edtech SaaS company.

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Why People Choose Able & Howe

Our clients choose us because we create true, tangible results from our fractional leadership packages. Able & Howe’s leadership executives prioritize key opportunities and create alignment between the C-suite and employees to ensure that the team resources are effectively allocated towards achieving the goals. We leverage your existing internal capabilities to maximize your investment and supplement it with support from the Able & Howe execution team. This integration between all parties enables us to work on a timeline and reach the objectives on time.