What it Accomplishes

The Growth Accelerator solution is strategically designed to propel your company past any growth plateau and toward success. This solution optimizes your existing workflows, empowering you to scale effectively and capitalize on current and emerging opportunities.

Refined Brand Messaging and Offer

Assess current messaging and offerings to better convey your unique value and appeal to your audience. Adjustments or enhancements should closely align with customer needs, driving increased brand resonance and conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Use historical data to identify pain points in the customer journey and optimize website elements, such as landing pages and checkout processes, to improve conversion rates and drive more sales or leads.

Marketing Automation

Leverage existing workflows and historical data to implement marketing automation tools and workflows, streamlining repetitive tasks, nurturing leads, and delivering targeted messages at the right time.

Content Optimization

Analyze past content performance to identify what resonates most with your audience, then optimize future content creation efforts based on these insights to maximize engagement and reach.

Enhance Customer Retention

Utilize existing customer data to identify retention opportunities. Implement loyalty programs and personalized communication to foster long-term relationships and encourage repeat business.

What It Includes

Customized to suit the unique requirements of your business, the Growth Accelerator solution encompasses a variety of projects and tasks, which can include:

  • Marketing audit
  • Marketing strategy & plan
  • Digital transformation
  • Brand positioning & thought leadership
  • Customer retention & expansion strategy

How It’s Worked for Our Clients

The Growth Accelerator solution has enabled companies to seize crucial opportunities, break through growth barriers, and achieve renewed momentum and market success.

Case 1: Assess & Capitalize

Bits in Glass lacked a cohesive and strategic approach to their marketing efforts, which created significant function gaps across various aspects of their operations. Despite their strong channel partner ecosystem, their direct lead generation efforts had stagnated, indicating a need for a more targeted marketing strategy. Furthermore, they lacked sufficient internal marketing skills and capabilities, necessitating the recruitment and upskilling of key marketing team members to support their strategic goals. These gaps highlighted the need for a growth-focused overhaul of their marketing processes.

Case 2: Strategy & Expansion

Able & Howe guided KLONDIKE Lubricants through a strategic growth acceleration aimed at expanding their market presence in the US. We developed a detailed go-to-market strategy matrix, created buyer personas based on extensive research, and optimized marketing messages to better engage potential customers. We conducted market analyses, a CRO audit, and executed a customer survey to address B2B eCommerce needs, effectively setting the stage for sustained growth in new markets.

Why People Choose Able & Howe

Our clients select us for our proven track record in delivering tangible results through our fractional leadership packages. At Able & Howe, our leadership executives specialize in identifying key growth opportunities and aligning the C-suite with employees to ensure optimal resource allocation to achieve set goals. We capitalize on your internal capabilities, enhancing your investment, and bolster it with assistance from our execution team, fostering seamless integration to adhere to timelines and achieve objectives promptly.