Who Is It For?

The Digital Transformation solution is suited for:

  • Businesses with Outdated Technology: Companies using legacy systems that hinder marketing effectiveness and customer interaction are looking to modernize their marketing operations.
  • Companies Seeking to Enhance Data Utilization: Organizations that collect vast amounts of marketing data but lack the tools or strategies to analyze it and use it to make informed decisions.
  • Businesses Aiming for Efficiency: Suitable for companies that need to streamline operations and reduce costs through automated marketing processes and improved digital workflows.
  • Industries Facing Digital Disruption: Companies in sectors where digital advancements are rapidly changing the market, requiring them to stay competitive by implementing advanced technologies.

What it Accomplishes

The Digital Transformation solution transforms your digital presence and ensures your marketing efforts are measurable, scalable, and impactful, increasing ROI and customer satisfaction:

Integrated CRM Systems

Implement an integrated CRM system to manage customer data, interactions, and sales pipelines efficiently, streamlining communication and improving customer relationships.

Online Presence and E-commerce Platforms

Develop a professional, visually impactful, user-friendly website to expand your reach, attract new customers, and facilitate online transactions.

Social Media Marketing

Utilize social media platforms to engage with customers, promote products or services, and build brand awareness, leveraging targeted advertising to reach specific demographics.

Cloud-Based Collaboration Tools

Adopt cloud-based collaboration tools for project management, document sharing, and team communication, enhancing productivity and enabling remote work capabilities.

Data Analytics and Insights

Invest in data analytics tools to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, market trends, and business performance, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

What It Includes

Customized to suit the specific requirements of your business, the Digital Transformation solution comprises a variety of projects and tasks, which could include:

  • Martech audit
  • Digital strategy development
  • Implementation plan
  • Integration blueprint
  • Training modules & skill development plan
  • CRO audit, strategy, plan
  • SEO audit, strategy, plan

How It’s Worked for Our Clients

The Digital Transformation solution has enabled companies to seize crucial opportunities, break through growth barriers, and achieve renewed momentum and market success.

Case 1: Setup & Augment

Able & Howe partnered with Yeti Snow to facilitate their digital marketing transformation by conducting a comprehensive ASP (audit, strategy, and plan) project, identifying gaps and opportunities in their marketing stack. We managed the migration from Constant Contact to HubSpot, ensuring a seamless transition with proper system setup and audience segmentation. Our team updated the website for enhanced user engagement, developed a robust Account-Based Marketing strategy, and integrated advanced analytics to improve lead generation and overall market presence.

Case 2: Strategy & Transformation

After conducting an ASP audit and leveraging our in-source marketing model™, Able & Howe completed a complex sequence of projects—drawing on Simpli Home’s internal team, Able & Howe’s execution team, and Able & Howe’s expansive network of industry partners. Our efforts culminated in the creation of a new UX and SEO-friendly DTC website, the launch of a cross-channel advertising campaign, and the optimization of digital channels to increase brand awareness and promote direct sales. Layer-by-layer, Simpli Home’s digital transformation took place.

Why People Choose Able & Howe

Our clients choose us because we enable them to capitalize on the tools of today. At Able & Howe, our leadership executives prioritize key opportunities and foster alignment between the C-suite and employees to ensure efficient resource allocation toward enhancing your digital effectiveness. We optimize your investment by leveraging your internal capabilities and complementing them with support from the Able & Howe execution team. This seamless integration among all stakeholders enables us to promptly adhere to timelines and achieve your objectives.