What Are Fractional CMO Services?

Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) services represent a strategic partnership allowing businesses access to professional marketing leadership at critical stages in their growth. This includes proven strategy, planning, budgeting, and oversight of your marketing operations. Our fractional CMO services can also include the management of your internal team or even another agency.

Fractional CMO is a flagship service of Able & Howe’s In-source Marketing Model™.

Able & Howe’s Approach to
Fractional CMO

Our goals are the same: set your brand apart and start generating positive return from your marketing. Brands that accomplish this follow a proven methodology. Able & Howe fractional CMO services will bring this method to your business and manage the process that leads your team into alignment. This is our process in action.

The Sprint Cycle

As a fractional CMO agency, we work in sprints – a set period of time to accomplish the most pressing actions that will take your company to the next level. The purpose of each sprint is known across your organization. Each revolution brings more of our fractional agency’s knowledge into action. This is paired with our industry-leading knowledge of measurement, data usage, and analytics tracking to create an environment of accountability and order.

The Marketing Stack

Your marketing stack comprises every component of your marketing. This includes your offer, tech, talent, processes, and knowledge. Every facet of your marketing stack affects your ability to thrive. By factoring in every component of your stack, Able & Howe is able to prioritize which areas need the most attention. A recurring marketing stack audit at the beginning of each sprint cycle ensures that your team’s time and energy are always funnelling toward the highest-impact areas of your business.

Product / Service

Your product and service are at the core of your marketing. It must be great for your marketing and brand to be perceived as authentic.

Brand Message / Positioning

You define your place in the market. The story you tell must be unique, relevant, and consistent.

Marketing Assets

Your consumer-facing assets tell your story. You must know which assets to create, improve, keep, or toss – be it a webpage, video, or social influencer.

Marketing Funnel

Your consumer-facing marketing strategies are your bridge from message to market. Your points of contact must be timely and targeted.

Investment Tracking

Informed marketing is your pass to growth. Your investments should be secured by powerful analytics and measurement systems – for both digital and traditional media.


Your team consists of internal and external talent. You must attract, retain, and motivate your in-house team, while connecting with the industry’s finest agencies and vendors.

Tech Stack

Great marketing strategies are useless without the systems and people to support them. Your tech stack must push the limit of what the modern landscape can offer – which is a lot.

Sales Process

Marketing is useless without the means to close the deal. Your sales process should seamlessly integrate with your marketing efforts.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is the only tool that can prevent the same mistake from happening twice (or more). Your business must become a knowledge organization to begin benefiting from your failures.