Time is money. There’s an opportunity you are missing out in the market for every hour you don’t have someone to execute your marketing plan. Fractional marketing is an effective way to jumpstart your plan into action. It involves outsourcing portions of, or all marketing efforts, to part-time third-party professionals. Fractional marketing allows companies to maintain in-house team members while bridging marketing gaps within the organization through external specialists. 


It is ideal for companies who lack the budget or resources to hire and train an in-house marketer or marketing team. Finding and hiring the right marketing strategist, manager or coordinator is a time-consuming, costly process. All too often companies are looking to fill multiple roles with one position which requires said marketer to wear multiple hats. This often results in knowledge gaps in certain areas, not to mention employee burnout. 


Outsourcing your marketing efforts to a team of specialists allows companies to not only save time and money hiring and training but gain access to a team of competent professionals who are readily available to get the job done.


Who makes up a fractional marketing team?

Technically, fractional marketing can be outsourced to a single individual, but the best way for outsourced marketing to truly excel is to gain access to a marketing team with a breadth of specialized skills. 2 (or more) heads are better than 1. 


Fractional marketing means you retain a veteran marketing leader (CMO), skilled marketing strategists, and astute marketing managers. Outsourced fractional marketing teams are typically led by a CMO or a marketing director, and supported by the in-house team members.

Benefits of fractional marketing


Fractional marketing allows you to scale as you need. As most fractional marketers only charge for time or services rendered, you can ramp up or scale down the outsourced support month over month. 


In-house CMOs can cost upwards of $150,000/year and digital marketing agency fees can bleed you dry without the long-term value to prove for it. Our fractional marketing service is an affordable and actionable solution for small or large corporations alike. You gain access to a professional, capable marketing team at an attainable cost. 

Fill Resource Gaps

Perhaps your marketing manager quit unexpectedly. Or your advertising campaigns seem stagnant you aren’t seeing the year-over-year growth you forecasted. What you need is justifiable marketing leadership. And the list goes on. Outsourced marketing can efficiently fill these gaps, provide a fresh expert perspective, and work alongside your in-house marketing team to reach your goals and achieve growth. 

Knowledge Breadth

Benefit from the diverse set of knowledge that you can gain with access to either a fractional marketing team or a fractional marketer. Fractional marketers typically handle a number of clients or accounts at a time. They consistently engage in implementing new strategies and learn new things from each client they work with. Their expansive experience can be advantageous in building a strategy specific to your business’s needs and goals.


Are fractional marketing services a fit for your business?

Fractional marketers can support companies in a variety of life cycle stages. Newer companies or start-ups can benefit from the professional guidance and experience provided by a marketing leader or execution team starting with a blank slate. Additionally, well-established companies can benefit from a fresh, outside perspective. Fractional marketers can provide comprehensive audits to identify areas of opportunity or improvement to build on already existing marketing strategies and campaigns. 


Is fractional marketing right for your business?

Unlike other marketing agencies, Able & Howe’s fractional marketing services focuses on building and transitioning critical marketing pieces over to you through our in-source marketing model. Our working relationship could also include upskilling your in-house team to shift more responsibilities from our team to yours. Contact us to discuss if you would be a good fit with any of our fractional marketing services.

Written By:

Ilarya Ochab

Ilarya is intrigued by the science and theory behind marketing. She pairs an honours degree specializing in digital marketing with years of hands-on execution. Possessing a breadth of knowledge, her specialties are digital advertising, search engine optimization, and content writing.