ROMI Lab has ushered in a new era as Able & Howe. This transformation includes a new name, visual identity, and core message. It’s been a journey, but the adventure has only just begun.


Let’s explore the reasons and method behind this rebrand.

Why rebrand?

A compelling brand requires strong foundations. After years of surveying the market, listening to our clients, and evolving our service, ROMI Lab formalized our core purpose: To help companies scale up successfully by building and transitioning critical pieces of their marketing in-house.


This purpose led to the development of the In-source Marketing Model™ as the central methodology that links our services. While our core services remain unchanged (Fractional CMO, Fraction MDS and Fractional Marketing Execution), the framework that unifies them has never been stronger or more effective.


Building upon these new foundations, we decided to adjust our brand to better align with our company purpose.

Why Able & Howe?

As a brand, Able & Howe communicates our corporate identity:

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Experience
  • Generosity
  • Disruption

Able & Howe is built on a belief in transferable leadership—true leadership is infectious and can be shared across organizations. This belief supports our mantra of leading business growth by growing leaders. This requires growing leadership in both our company and yours.

What was the process?

A company rebrand is a complex process. Our process included:

  1. Core brand foundations (Why, Purpose, Vision, BHAG)
  2. One-page plan
  3. Service development, resulting in the In-source Marketing Model™
  4. Brand messaging
  5. Brand identity project (we worked with our partners at B3strategy—they are excellent)
  6. Website project (we worked with our partners at Forge and Smith—they are excellent)
  7. Legal and administrative projects

Thanks to our supportive clients, industry partners, and tenacious team, we’re reborn as a purpose-driven brand with an X-factor to boot.

What has stayed the same?

As mentioned, Able & Howe’s core services live on. Our team remains and grows. Our obsession with building the marketing stack remains. Same grit, different skin.

What’s next?

Equipped with our brand and message, Able & Howe is seeking to pioneer the In-source Marketing Model across North America.


Have any questions? Get in touch.

Written By:

Darcy McGilvery

Darcy lives at the intersection of art, business, and science. His esteemed work with hundreds of brands spans a mix of marketing leadership, operations, and strategy. Armed with degrees in marketing, psychology, and business, Darcy has obtained a holistic understanding of the modern consumer. His specialties include building marketing systems, content direction, and fostering high-functioning teams.