Rebrands can be a complex and lengthy process, especially for small businesses. With a number of moving parts and a long list of to-dos it can be intimidating to determine where to begin. 


This is a simple, overarching list to get your rebrand going. Most businesses will almost certainly need to build on and adjust the list to fit their unique business case. While this list aligns mostly with a service business model, it is mostly transferable with other business types as well.


Planning and Prep

Find Your Why

Knowing why you’re rebranding is just as important as the rebrand itself. Although there could be several valid reasons to consider a rebrand, the decision shouldn’t be arbitrary—it needs to serve a purpose. Ultimately, your rebrand should resonate with your desired target audience, reflect your optimal brand position, and align with your company purpose.


Who Are You?

◽ Determine core purpose

◽ Determine mission and vision statement

◽ Outline company values

◽ *Identify target audience

◽ *Determine core offer

◽ *Determine core messaging

◽ *Determine updated brand strategy


Creative Development

◽ *Name brainstorming

◽ *Domain name availability check
◽ *Trademark viability check
◽ Name selection
◽ Purchase and register new domain name

◽ *Logo creation

◽ *Visual identity creation


Legal & Financial

◽ Trademark application

◽ File legal business name 

◽ Change name with CRA (or other applicable government revenue agencies)

◽ Change name with financial institutions 

◽ Change name on corporate accounts 

◽ Update invoices and financial software




◽ *Site architecture plan
◽ *SEO keyword plan

◽ Copy/content creation

◽ *Web design

◽ *Photography and illustrations
◽ *Programming

◽ Content population
◽ *Foundational SEO implementation

◽ Website quality assurance

◽ *Page-level 301 redirects 

◽ *Update web analytics

Social Media

◽ Update usernames

◽ Update company profiles (or potentially create new ones)

◽ Schedule announcements



◽ Update Google My Business and additional business listings

◽ Update online platforms associated with your tech stack

◽ Update business cards and any additional stationery

◽ Update email addresses

◽ Update email signatures

◽ Update internal documents

◽ Update client-facing assets


Pre-launch Communications

◽ Inform internal stakeholders
◽ Inform current clients
◽ Inform partnering businesses
◽ Schedule a blog-post explainer, detailing the motivations and details of the rebrand
◽ Schedule an informative email blast



◽ Launch new website

◽ Inform clients, customers, stakeholders, and additional business partners that the rebrand is live

◽ Inform prospective clients

◽ Post announcements/updates on social media

◽ Consider enabling an explanatory pop-up on the homepage, informing returning visitors of the rebrand


*Third-party assistance recommended

Written By:

Ilarya Ochab

Ilarya is intrigued by the science and theory behind marketing. She pairs an honours degree specializing in digital marketing with years of hands-on execution. Possessing a breadth of knowledge, her specialties are digital advertising, search engine optimization, and content writing.