By watching the video above, you will learn the following concepts, along with actionable steps for designers:

  • The differing motivations between marketing and design
  • The full scope of “marketing”, and how design fits into the ecosystem
  • How designers can work with marketing teams effectively
  • Potential designer “blind spots”
  • What constitutes proper project delegation
  • How to compensate for inexperienced directors
  • Ways to make your design work “sticky” within the organization

Design is a collaborative process. Both commissioner and creator need to come into alignment on what constitutes success. This requires empathy, communication, and assertiveness to guide the process.

Written By:

Darcy McGilvery

Darcy lives at the intersection of art, business, and science. His esteemed work with hundreds of brands spans a mix of marketing leadership, operations, and strategy. Armed with degrees in marketing, psychology, and business, Darcy has obtained a holistic understanding of the modern consumer. His specialties include building marketing systems, content direction, and fostering high-functioning teams.