Businesses often fall into the trap of focusing on short-term goals and cost-efficiency, neglecting strategic investments that drive long-term growth. This is one of the major reasons why 20% of small businesses in the US fail every year.


Leveraging outsourced CMO services can transform your business so you’re not part of the failing 20% of companies. They have the expertise to identify key opportunities, optimize your marketing resources, make better decisions, and invest in initiatives hat enhance customer experience and company performance.


1. Cost-Effective Marketing Solutions

A fractional CMO helps you develop cost-effective marketing strategies that maximize your return on investment. Unlike a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, a fractional CMO does not require a full-time salary, benefits, or other overhead costs. This makes high-level marketing expertise accessible at a fraction of the usual expense, especially for small businesses with limited resources.


Over time, your fractional CMO will refine your marketing strategy, targeting existing demographics more effectively and identifying new ones. This leads to better ROI, as you’ll spend less money reaching the right audience. Additionally, they ensure your marketing team collaborates seamlessly with other departments, fostering a cohesive strategy.


2. Strategic Planning and Execution

Fractional CMOs bring valuable insights into your organization’s key challenges. They can identify potential issues and implement solutions before problems escalate. They also help you capitalize on successful strategies and reconfigure those underperforming.

Market research and competitor analysis are critical components of their role. By understanding your competitors, your fractional CMO can provide strategic advantages that help you stay ahead in your industry.


3. Scalability and Flexibility

Fractional CMOs offer scalability and flexibility that full-time employees cannot. You can adjust their level of involvement based on your business needs. During periods of rapid growth, they increase their input to meet higher demand. Conversely, reduce their involvement during slower periods without the complexities of downsizing full-time staff.


This adaptability is crucial for managing costs and resources effectively, helping you grow your company as intended. As you boost growth, you can reinvest your revenue into other areas of your marketing strategy, accelerating your business expansion.


4. Access to Specialized Skills

General marketing knowledge isn’t always sufficient to achieve your company’s goals. A fractional CMO brings specialized skills and nuanced understanding to develop effective strategies. For example, they might identify market gaps that your company can exploit to offer better services.


Moreover, fractional CMOs often have extensive professional networks. They can connect you with other professionals who can help if they encounter challenges beyond their expertise. This approach ensures your marketing strategy remains competitive even as other companies enhance theirs.


5. Objective Perspectives

One significant advantage of hiring a fractional CMO is gaining an objective perspective. Uninfluenced by internal company politics, they offer unbiased advice that helps identify blind spots and make informed decisions. This objectivity ensures your marketing strategies are grounded in reality, driving your company forward.


For instance, an internal Chief Marketing Officer might hesitate to challenge the company’s owner due to their close relationship. A fractional CMO prioritizes your business growth and provides candid, strategic insights.


Finding the Right Fractional CMO

Not all fractional CMOs are created equal. Conduct thorough research to find the right fit. Start by reviewing client testimonials and online reviews, focusing on communicativeness, timeliness, and professionalism. Be wary of fake reviews, which often appear in large batches with repetitive keywords.


Evaluate their pricing structure carefully. Avoid the cheapest options, which may cut corners and fail to meet your goals. Similarly, the most expensive services might not offer the best value. Aim for a balance, ensuring the services align with your budget and needs.


Marketing Leadership with Real Results

Identifying the need for a fractional CMO is the initial step in enhancing your marketing strategy. Acting quickly ensures you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls. Selecting the right fractional CMO can significantly boost your company’s performance.


Able & Howe provides top-tier in-source marketing services that transform a fractional CMO’s strategic vision into actionable results. Our process integrates key internal and external stakeholders to ensure marketing activities are executed strategically, yielding tangible outcomes. Our team is dedicated to tackling your challenges directly and driving your success.


Schedule a meeting today to learn how we can help you overcome growth plateaus and propel your business forward.

Written By:

Anita Lo

Anita is the epitome of a modern digital marketer; chic, successful, and savvy. Having spent years on the front-lines and in strategy rooms, she has translated her insights into a profound understanding of today’s consumer. Her approach exploits sophisticated data testing to remain adaptive to new trends and digital tools.