Do You Need a Fractional Marketing Director?

Marketing is one of the most critical functions for a successful business. It showcases your brand and helps you attract and retain customers.

If you’re busy running your business, it’s easy to put marketing on the back burner. However, effective marketing needs contact focus, optimization, and adaptation to keep up with your competitors and the changes in your industry.

If your marketing efforts need stronger leadership, fresh insight, or a new strategy moving forward, a fractional marketing director may be the right next step for your business.

But what is a fractional marketing director? And how can your business benefit from hiring one? Here’s what you need to know!

What Is a Fractional Marketing Director?

A fractional marketing director can help guide your business marketing strategy. They are marketing experts who can oversee your marketing efforts and ensure your campaigns and strategies align with your business goals.

From creating comprehensive marketing plans to overseeing creative campaigns, a fractional marketing director can play a pivotal role in your brand’s success.

Some ways their role can make a difference for your business include:

Strategic Vision

You can think of a marketing director as the captain of your marketing ship. They chart the marketing course for your brand.

This involves analyzing marketing trends, identifying new opportunities, and studying your competitors. They can offer marketing tips and strategies needed to help drive your brand forward.

Consistency and Cohesion

Do your marketing efforts have a theme? Is your marketing consistent across various channels?

A fractional marketing director can help you align your branding and messaging across all platforms. This consistency helps build brand recognition and brand loyalty.

The goal is to win your customers’ trust and stand out in today’s crowded marketplace.

Creative Strategy

Marketing is an art and a science. An effective marketing campaign captures consumers’ attention and leaves a lasting impression.

To accomplish this, you need a marketing pro who brings creativity to the table. They must design campaigns that tell a compelling story and resonate with potential customers.

Effective marketing can turn first-time customers into loyal brand advocates.

Data-Driven Decisions

In today’s digital age, business data is critical. A marketing manager understands the value of data analysis.

They can analyze metrics, evaluate campaign performance, and refine marketing strategies as needed. They can monitor your marketing strategies and keep your business moving forward, saving you time and money in the process.

Hiring a Fractional Marketing Director

Hiring a fractional marketing officer (CMO) or a fractional marketing director offers a variety of benefits for your business. If you’re looking for marketing expertise on a part-time basis, this may be a smart option for your business.

Cost Savings

Hiring a fractional marketing pro is typically more cost-effective than hiring a full-time CMO. Your business has access to top-notch marketing talent without the additional expense of a full-time employee, benefits, or additional overhead costs.

Marketing Expertise

Fractional marketing directors have specialized skills in various areas of marketing, including digital marketing, social media, content marketing, and branding.

With a marketing manager at your disposal, you can tap into their expertise to guide you as you develop your brand and face challenges along the way.


As a business owner, it can be hard to view your business objectively. A fractional marketing director can provide a fresh perspective regarding your marketing campaigns and strategies.

They can offer unbiased recommendations as an objective party.


A fractional CMO or director can offer flexibility in how they work with your business. They can adjust their role depending on the short or long-term needs of your business.

Reduced Training Time

Fractional marketing directors typically have years of marketing experience behind them. This means they require less training and onboarding than a typical new hire would require.

Rapid Deployment

Since in-source marketing professionals have experience working with other businesses, they can typically integrate into your company and begin making an impact right away. This is especially helpful when you need marketing guidance in a hurry.

Customized Solutions

Your brand is unique, and your marketing strategies should be tailored to your customers and their needs. Fractional marketing directors understand the importance of understanding your audience.

They can customize their approach to your business needs and goals and provide personalized solutions for you.

Risk Mitigation

If you’re thinking of hiring a full-time CMO but aren’t quite ready to make that commitment, a fractional CMO may be a better option.

This can let you test the waters without the commitment of a full-time marketing manager. This is helpful if you run a small business, are launching a startup, or are in a transition phase with your business.

Focus on What Matters

Marketing is a constant concern, and you may not have the time to deal with it on your own. Hiring a fractional marketing director can take the pressure off of you and your team.

This allows you and your employees to focus on your primary roles within the company. You can concentrate on core competencies to keep your business running efficiently and moving forward.


A fractional marketing director can analyze your business data to ensure your marketing strategies are results-driven. They are accountable for monitoring performance and helping you refine your strategic vision for your business.


As your marketing efforts allow your business to grow and prosper, your needs for marketing expertise may change. You may want to scale up or scale down your needs for a fractional marketing director as the needs of your business change.

The Benefits of Hiring a Fractional Marketing Director

If you were wondering, “What is a fractional marketing director?” before this article, you now know the answer. No matter the industry, every business needs strategic marketing. If you’re not ready or interested in hiring a full-time marketing professional, a fractional marketing director may be the perfect solution.

At Able & Howe, we help businesses just like yours take control of their marketing with the leadership of a Marketing Fractional CMO or Fractional Marketing Director.

We follow a scaled process to fill any leadership, strategy, or execution gaps within your organization. We provide in-source marketing services to help you grow your business and achieve marketing independence.

If you have a marketing dilemma, we’re here to help. Contact Able & Howe today to speak with a team member.

Written By:

Anita Lo

Anita is the epitome of a modern digital marketer; chic, successful, and savvy. Having spent years on the front-lines and in strategy rooms, she has translated her insights into a profound understanding of today’s consumer. Her approach exploits sophisticated data testing to remain adaptive to new trends and digital tools.