How an eComm Furniture Company Benefited from an ASP Project

Simpli Home Case Study

The Challenge

Having built a successful ecommerce business model over two decades, Simpli Home was ready to take their company to the next level. Leveraging strong supply chain operations and relationships with retail partners, it was time to focus on:

  • Establishing a recognized brand
  • Growing the direct-to-consumer channel
  • Fostering a halo-effect across the whole organization

The Results

Combining an ASP Project and Fractional CMO services, Able & Howe established Simpli Home’s marketing foundations.

Revitalized brand position, messaging, and visuals.

New marketing playbook.

Newly established marketing department, talent, and structure.

How It Happened

After an intensive project to produce an audit, strategy, and operationalized plan, Able & Howe directed a complex sequence of projects—drawing on Simpli Home’s internal team, Able & Howe’s execution team, as well Able & Howe’s expansive network of industry partners. Layer-by-layer, Simpli Home’s marketing foundations were set into place. This involved:

  • Channel strategy
  • Brand management
  • Content management
  • Project management
  • Talent acquisition
  • Executive representation

Project Timeline

Month 1 & 2

Completion of ASP Project (audit, strategy, and plan).

Month 3

Implementation of SharePoint structure and Asana software.

Month 4

Completion of brand visualization project.

Month 5

Initiation of website project.

Month 6

Channel optimizations (Social, SEO, Email, and more).

Month 7

Launch of influencer program.

Month 8

Launch of new consumer review software.