How a SaaS Company Secured Their Marketing Foundations

Skillsetter Case Study

The Challenge

Skillsetter was experiencing success as a software solution for psychotherapy educators. Armed with a disruptive and revolutionary product, it was time to focus on establishing marketing foundations that would set the tone for growth in uncharted industries. It was time to focus on:

  • Establishing a relevant brand across industries
  • Creating educational content
  • Creating a lead nurture system

The Results

Combining Fractional MDS services with Skillsetter’s talented internal team of developers, Able & Howe established Skillsetter’s marketing foundations in collaboration with various trusted industry partners.

New brand

High-impact marketing assets

Automated lead generation system

How It Happened

The program began with an audit, strategy, and plan (an “ASP Project”). From there, Able & Howe quarterbacked a sequence of projects—drawing on Skillsetter’s internal team, Able & Howe’s execution team, as well as industry partners. Layer-by-layer, Skillsetter’s marketing foundations were established. This involved:

  • Analytics optimization
  • CRM migration
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Email automation setup
  • Video storyboarding and development
  • Rebrand project
  • Website project
  • Ad creation
  • Media planning

Project Timeline

Phase 1

Completion of ASP Project (audit, strategy, and plan).

Phase 2

Content program initiated.

Phase 3

Completion of brand visualization project.

Phase 4

Initiation of website project

Phase 5

Marketing automation launched.

Phase 6

Association media plan launched.