How a SaaS Company Secured Their Marketing Foundations

Skillsetter Case Study

The Company

Skillsetter is an interactive interpersonal skill-building system designed to improve counselling and social work skills through deliberate practice. Backed by 30 years of research, Skillsetter’s goal is to train therapists and other professionals who use interpersonal skills in an effective way that helps them achieve their goals. Integrated at various post-secondary schools and facilities across North America, Skillsetter is paving the way for deliberate practice across numerous fields.  

The Challenge

Skillsetter was experiencing success as a software solution for psychotherapy educators. Armed with a disruptive and revolutionary product, it was time to focus on establishing marketing foundations that would set the tone for growth in uncharted industries.

The Goal

Skillsetter needed marketing support to:

  • Establish a relevant brand across industries
  • Create educational content
  • Create and establish a lead nurture system

The Results

Combining Fractional MDS services with Skillsetter’s talented internal team of developers, Able & Howe established Skillsetter’s marketing foundations in collaboration with various trusted industry partners.

New brand to reach additional industries

Create high-impact marketing assets

Initiate automated lead generation systems

Our Key Responsibilities

The program began with an audit, strategy, and plan (an “ASP Project”). From there, Able & Howe quarterbacked a sequence of projects—drawing on Skillsetter’s internal team, Able & Howe’s execution team, as well as industry partners. Layer-by-layer, Skillsetter’s marketing foundations as an education tech SaaS company were established.


This involved:

  • Analytics optimization
  • CRM migration
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Email automation setup
  • Video script development, storyboarding and production
  • Rebrand project
  • Website project
  • Ad creation
  • Media planning
  • ABM campaign planning

Ongoing Engagement:

  • Website development and design consultation
  • Account-based marketing campaign management
  • Content creation, management and optimization
  • Copywriting and art direction
  • Target account list for sales support

How it Happened

Utilizing our in-source marketing model™, and a fractional marketing approach for B2B SaaS companies, Skillsetter was able to capitalize on quick wins while laying a foundation for long term marketing success.


Our team conducted an expansive and detailed audit of the company’s current marketing stack to expose strengths, weaknesses, and function gaps. 


Skillsetter’s patent-pending software is unlike any other service offering on the market. Their interactive method of providing interpersonal skill training through deliberate practice enhances post-secondary programs and professional development training beyond what is currently offered.


Skillsetter lacked internal marketing support and leadership. Up until Able & Howe’s support, Skillsetter’s marketing efforts were handled solely by the CEO. Despite the vast knowledge of the internal team around their product, they were limited in terms of establishing the brand and generating leads. 

Function Gaps

The main function gaps were the lack of an in-house marketing team and a missing lead nurture process. 


  • Able & Howe worked with the Skillsetter team to develop a marketing strategy and project timeline corresponding to the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities identified in the ASP. 


  • Skillsetter was set up with optimized Analytics tracking to monitor marketing performance. 
  • Set up a new CRM—migrated from previous CRM. 
  • Able & Howe created a content strategy, working with the Sillsetter team to create educational content. 
  • Initiated email automation setup with strategized campaigns. 
  • Developed Account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.


  • Able & Howe managed video script development, storyboarding and production.
  • Skillsetter underwent a rebrand in early 2022 (formerly Theravue) to better align the brand with expanded field service offerings. Able & Howe consulted on multiple stages within the rebranding process. 
  • To support the rebrand, Able & Howe consulted on a new website project.
    • Expanding the user interface of the website, content available, and overall design. 
  • Designed ad creatives for marketing campaigns.
    • Display, email, and remarketing.
  • Media planning
    • Research and identify highly targeted media partners for annual advertising placement + sponsorship opportunities


  • Supporting on website development to enhance the current service offerings beyond therapy and counselling fields. 
  • Campaign management and execution support. 
  • Ongoing content creation, calendar management and optimization.
  • Copywriting and art direction for advertising campaigns.
  • Target account list research + creation for sales team.