How a SaaS Company Acquired a Functional Marketing System Remotely Case Study

The Challenge needed a collaborative promotional framework to support an evolving strategy and day-to-day operations. The objective was to create awareness and registrations for a single central adoption reunion registry where mutually consenting loved ones can reunite. needed help to:

  • Advance promotional and email operations
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Enhance an existing analytics framework
  • Oversee social operations
  • Fill and develop function gaps within the organization
  • General guidance

The Results

Year-over-year growth in registrations

A cohesive remote team

Collaboration toward acquiring 1,000,000+ member profiles

How It Happened has focused on creating a high-functioning remote team for years. Having assembled skilled teams in development, design, systems, research, and product development, looked to Able & Howe to systematically elevate the promotional framework. This involved:

  • High-level promotional guidance
  • Working collaboratively to evolve internal systems in a remote environment
  • Filling both leadership and execution functions in specific areas
  • Assistance with role development
  • Guiding vendors to transition in and out of the company