How a SaaS Company Acquired a Functional Marketing System Remotely Case Study

The Company is the largest adoption reunion registry in the world and has been reuniting families for more than 17 years.’s revolutionary search tool and subscription-based service successfully connects adoptees with their loved ones every day, and provides a community that supports those in pursuit of their biological relatives. is quickly becoming a one-stop solution for everyone in the pursuit of their biological relatives.

The Challenge needed a collaborative promotional framework to support an evolving strategy and day-to-day operations in their SaaS company. The objective was to create awareness and registrations for a single central adoption reunion registry where mutually consenting loved ones can reunite.

The Goal needed help to:

  • Advance promotional and email operations
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Enhance an existing analytics framework
  • Oversee social operations
  • Fill and develop function gaps within the organization
  • General guidance

The Results

Utilizing Able & Howe’s in-source marketing model™, was able to build a successful marketing plan for their subscription-based service.

Year-over-year growth in registrations

A cohesive remote team

Collaboration toward acquiring 1,000,000+ member profiles

Our Key Responsibilities

What we did for their company:

  • Drove new visitors and account subscriptions through paid advertising
  • Monitored organic visibility and developed strategies to increase organic traffic
  • Provided actionable recommendations to increase subscriptions and overall conversion rates

How it Happened has focused on creating a high-functioning remote team for years. Having assembled skilled teams in development, design, systems, research, and product development, looked to Able & Howe to systematically elevate the promotional framework.


  • Conducted regular opportunity analysis to find new ways to bring visitors to the website 
  •’s biggest strength is that it is the world’s largest adoption reunion website. As the site works like a dating app to pair profiles that match (i.e. adopted child with parent looking for them with similar locations, birth dates etc.), achieving over 1 million profiles means that there is more chance of finding a match. 
    • The offerings (products) are clearly defined and match market demand
    • The website performs well in funneling people from discovery to signing up for an account
  • Targeting the ideal prospect is difficult as there are limited abilities to identify a person who is adopted or is looking for an adopted family. Individual demographics and psychographics are not indicative of their adoptive state. 
    • We also identified that very little nurturing was occurring to help people convert from a free account to a subscriber
    • We suggested new platforms to raise brand awareness


  • Provided high-level promotional guidance


  • Worked collaboratively to evolve internal systems in a remote environment
  • Filled both leadership and execution functions in specific areas
  • Guided vendors to transition in and out of the company


  • Assisted with internal role development and upskilling