How to Launch a Channel Partner Pull Strategy While Building Your Marketing Team

Arbutus Medical Case Study

The Challenge

With a disruptive product relevant to many markets, Arbutus medical was overwhelmed with potential. Although market research had uncovered numerous channel-specific market opportunities, it wasn’t clear which ones should be explored and how to proceed. Arbutus needed immediate help to:

  • Narrow focus on the most promising market segments;
  • Enhance consumer demand to spark more channel partner sales;
  • Improve internal marketing literacy;
  • Create and deploy an effective marketing plan;
  • Expand their internal marketing team with the highest-impact roles and functions—including training.

The Results

Arbutus Medical experienced an enhanced marketing system that evolved quickly. Here are some of the core wins during the first 4-months.

Expedited launch of marketing campaigns.

Upgraded channel partner operations.

Acquisition of an in-house Marketing Director (recruited and fully-transitioned).

How It Happened

Supported by the in-source marketing model™, Arbutus Medical was able to execute marketing campaigns immediately while crafting the foundation for a future in-house Marketing Director. This involved:

  • Market positioning workshops
  • Marketing technology infrastructure consulting
  • Email automation implementation
  • Advertising campaign strategy, execution and training
  • Strategic roadmap development and pass off
  • Role identification, recruitment, and hiring of for new marketing talent

Project Timeline

September 2020

Talent planning and role/function requirements.

October 2020

Digital marketing campaigns and assets launched.

November 2020

Channel partner and email automation campaigns launched.

November 2020

Talent recruitment, interviews, and hiring.

December 2020

Strategic roadmap transition and handoff.