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Learn the critical marketing methodology that will elevate your brand. Filmed at TEDxLangara, Darcy McGilvery explains how marketing leadership is critical to brand success.

In-source Marketing Pioneers

Able & Howe was founded as an alternative to the drawbacks of traditional marketing agencies. We grow businesses from within while providing multi-staged career paths for our employees. For both clients and team members, the goal is to empower and enable—not exhaust and shackle.

The result is the In-source Marketing Model™, a familiar take on agency support with the added benefit of real internal growth in your team and ours.

What We’re Good At

Together our team has an extremely diverse background in marketing. From C-level leadership to campaign execution. From global eCommerce to account-based lead generation. From online marketing to offline media. As a fractional CMO company, we are all obsessed with enabling best-practice marketing solutions that compound with time.

Our Team

Able & Howe fills function gaps within your organization, working in a remote-forward environment. We are an open book for methodologies, strategies, and marketing mechanics. Our services are deliberately assembled to align both teams’ motivation toward a common goal: your marketing independence.

Anita Lo

Partner, Execution Services

Anita is the epitome of a modern digital marketer; chic, successful, and savvy. Having spent years on the front-lines and in strategy rooms, she has translated her insights into a profound understanding of today’s consumer. Her approach exploits sophisticated data testing to remain adaptive to new trends and digital tools. Aided by her formal education in marketing, Anita specializes in retail, eCommerce, and B2B operations for growth-oriented brands.

Nancy Ross

Partner, Leadership Services

Nancy makes every marketer she encounters better. She does it with an astounding grasp of marketing tech that few will ever achieve, paired with her unwavering desire to share and collaborate. Nancy has provided digital analysis and consultation to over 200 brands, helping them successfully piece together their puzzle across digital and traditional media. She is a true digital storyteller loved by all she encounters.

Ilarya Ochab

Marketing Executive

Ilarya is intrigued by the science and theory behind marketing. She pairs an honours degree specializing in digital marketing with years of hands-on execution. Possessing a breadth of knowledge, her specialties are digital advertising, search engine optimization, and content writing.

Jennifer Domansky

Senior Marketing Executive

Jennifer is an experienced Leadership Strategist with over 20 years of proven success on award-winning agency and in-house teams. With a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries; from CPG and Hospitality to Retail and B2B; she is passionate about crafting creative solutions that connect through thoughtful strategy and execution.

Lucy Turner


Lucy is a results-driven digital marketing specialist with a keen interest in combining the creative side of marketing with data-driven insights. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in marketing and utilizes her practical experience to make impactful decisions that drive high-performing campaigns. Lucy’s areas of expertise include digital paid advertising, search engine optimization, and content writing.